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Since 1996, Ira has represented client’s in the manufacturing, transportation, restaurant and hotel industries in many different states across the country.  He offers a free initial consultation to discuss your audit defense needs.  If you hire Pegasus to represent your company, there will not be a fee charged unless they save you money by reducing or eliminating audit findings, interest and penalties.

In regards to Florida Sales Tax issues, in 2003, Ira was jointly awarded by the Florida Department of Revenue and the Florida Institute of CPA’s the “Certified in Florida Sales Tax” (CFST) designation further evidencing his in-depth knowledge of this area in Florida.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

We were very impressed with Ira Zlatkin’s breadth of knowledge and extensive experience with manufacturing operations in regard to the application of sales tax law. Pepsi was very pleased that Ira recovered sales tax incorrectly paid and eliminated sales tax going forward associated with two of our plants.
Most importantly, Ira undertook a very important request for a Private Letter Ruling, which will positively impact the profitability of our company. He interacted with the relevant governmental authorities to successfully obtain a Ruling, which will save Pepsi substantial dollars moving forward.
In conclusion, Ira’s work provided our company with a valuable analysis of our Sales Tax situation and will bring long term benefits to Pepsi and its shareholders.

David Bryant

Vice President and Corporate Controller, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Agropur (USA Division)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ira for the outstanding work accomplished with respect to our Sales Tax obligations at our USA Division. We have received payment for the refund claim submitted to the State of Minnesota.
This was an effective learning experience for Agropur. Ira assisted my staff in improving their understanding of the various specific tax issues on which we recovered Sales Taxes paid in error. Ira’s work was performed in a timely manner without any interruptions to our staff’s daily duties.
I am confident that Ira’s skills would be an asset to any company and I would greatly recommend him.

Eric Boisjoli

Agropur (USA Division)

Roehl Transport, Inc

We were very satisfied with Ira Zlatkin’s efforts in the defense audit of Roehl Transport, Inc. where he successfully defended and reduced certain amounts the Wisconsin State Auditors assessed Roehl. We were very impressed with Mr. Zlatkin’s breadth of accounting knowledge within the various States (WI, CA, MI, AZ and IN) where we operate. I would look to him as a resource for tax recovery opportunities in our industry.

Patrick J. Anderson

Controller, Roehl Transport, Inc

Hubbard Construction Company

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ira Zlatkin and his associate for the services performed at two of our companies, Atlantic Coast Asphalt and Orlando Paving Company. As promised, Ira caused little interruption to me and my staff’s workday. We appreciate his efforts in obtaining a refund of Sales and Use Taxes. I would gladly recommend him to other businesses.

P. Frederick O’Dea, Jr.

Vice President and CFO, Hubbard Construction Company

Hale Products, Inc.

The services provided by Mr. Ira Zlatkin, were exceptional. He reduced the potential audit assessment and obtained a refund, which further reduced the audit assessment. We would not hesitate to use his services again.

Christopher A Nicholas, CPA

Manager of Financial Reporting and Analysis, Hale Products, Inc.

Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.

We appreciate Ira’s efforts in obtaining a refund of sales tax from our office renovation contractor. You can be assured that we would recommend Ira to other businesses.

Robert W. Fuller

Controller, Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc.

Topnotch Resort and Spa

I want to thank Ira for a thorough review of our hotel’s Sales and Use Tax procedures. He worked tirelessly and meticulously on all aspects of the review including interacting with certain vendors that, at the end, were obligated to remit back to Topnotch certain taxes paid to them. Moreover, at the time Ira agreed to perform the review, we were undergoing a State Audit. We engaged Ira to perform a Defense Audit, and as such, through Ira’s expertise including his direct involvement with the State Auditors, we were able to greatly reduce amounts that the State deemed we owed.
I highly recommend Ira’s unique services to any company looking to improve their bottom line.

Paul K. Martin, MBA

Director of Finance, Topnotch Resort and Spa

Industrial Pipe Fittings

I want to thank Ira for the in-depth review of our North American operations. His review provided us with a valuable analysis of our current Sale Tax situation, in addition to giving us specific recommendations that will help us immediately; it also provided us a blueprint for further improvements to our tax reporting systems for the future. Ira interacted well with relevant governmental agencies and vendors to ensure that all taxes paid in error were quickly refunded.
We will continue to look to Ira as a resource for sales tax recovery opportunities.

Bob Smith

Chief Financial Officer, Industrial Pipe Fittings

Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort

I want to thank Ira Zlatkin for the exceptional effort he put forth in the recent Sales tax review. We were very impressed with the breadth of Ira’s knowledge and extensive firsthand experience in the hospitality industry. He applied that knowledge in a manner that resulted in recouping funds incorrectly paid to vendors without alienating them.
Looking forward to continuing to look to Ira as a resource for sales tax recovery opportunities in our industry.

Frank Vela

Vice President of Finance, Ocean Sky Hotel and Resort