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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will the Reverse Audit take?

We strive to conduct your audit in a timely manner while making sure your company receives the most comprehensive audit services. As every engagement is different, once the engagement is started and a scope of work is mutually agreed to, an estimated timeframe for completion would be provided. Also, at this time, if the client is working on their own refund claim, we would exclude that specific vendor or vendors from our scope of audit.

Why should we select Pegasus over other sales tax recovery firms?

Pegasus has in-depth experience and expertise in many industries to ensure the most thorough audits. In addition, the Pegasus consultant will provide the client with recommendations for enhancing sales tax procedures. Our fee structure is simple and is based on a mutually agreed to percentage of the sales and use tax recoveries generated by our work. If we don’t save your company money, you owe us nothing.

How much time will you need from our staff? Will there be any interruptions to our daily routines?

We will establish a work plan in coordination with your company personnel. Generally, a main contact, usually someone in the Controller’s Office would be designated. This contact person would assist us in identifying key operating personnel most knowledgeable about the nature of the particular asset or service purchase so the correct taxability could be determined.

Can you conduct the audit off-site?

Yes! With today’s technology, Ira is able to interact remotely with both the client’s and the State Auditor’s data bases to perform reverse sales tax and defense audits. Generally, Pegasus would work with the client’s Information Systems staff to establish secure access restricted to the accounts payable system allowing the online review of
optically scanned purchase orders, invoices, and paid checks. All State Audit departments have secured systems, which allow information associated with a refund claim or an audit to flow between the State and Pegasus.

How will we be kept informed about the status of a refund claim or audit?

A mutually agreed to procedure would be established between the client’s designated contact and the Pegasus consultant.